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Wadowice - Karol Wojtyła's hometown

Wadowice – Karol Wojtyła’s hometown

There are many places close to Krakow which are connected with John Paul II. One of them that deserves special attention is Wadowice – the place where Karol Wojtyła was born and went to school.

Itinerary tours: Kraków - Wadowice - Kraków.

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THE KALWARIA ZEBRZYDOWSKA (Polish Jarusalem) - WADOWICE (the home town of John Paul II) - LANCKORONA (uniqe wooden architecture) TOUR. 

We are inviting you to visit these places in one day !!! THE TOUR.


Wadowice is a picturesque city located at the feet of the Beskid Mały mountains in the valley of the Skawa river. There are many tourist trails leading from here to the mountains. The place is famous, however, for a different reason. It is here that Karol Wojtyła was born and brought up. In Wadowice we will have a chance to visit JohnPaul II’s family house and the basilica in which he served as an altar boy. In front of the basilica there is a market square surrounded by some lovely tenant houses – called John Paul II’s Square.

Join our trip to the city in which, as John Paul would say, "... everything began.”

You are very welcome !!!

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